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by 7 Feb 2020

Hello everyone! 

Today I want to show you in detail the “GEOLOGY” and “FOSSIL” collections of my handcrafted stationery line and take the opportunity to introduce you to the sustainable materials I use in greater detail.

The NOTEBOOK HOLDERS are made in midori-style and equipped with a set of 3 notebooks according to the Earth Conscious style and it’s all hanmade.

The great strengths of these collections are the super practical size which at the same time leaves large space for writing and journaling, combined with the finishing of natural and very tactile materials.

I wanted materials with excellent technical performance for manifacturing and use, and able to pass down the warmth of the spirit of the brand through colors, texture, finish and the graphic emphasis of the illustrations.

Obviously these are materials in line with the Earth Conscious concept, they are made through a production system managed according to the principles of the circular economy (that I told you about in this article) and this allows me in turn to offer you sustainable, ecological, reusable, recyclable and biodegradable itemes.

Over time these covers will become more and more soft and vintage, they will reflect your past and you can reuse them for a long time because they are very durable, resistant to outdoor conditions and washable. They will protect your notes and thoughts and will always be ready to welcome new notebooks.

For the notebooks I used certified ecological papers, that are also biodegradable, recyclable and free of chemicals. They are produced with green energy only and they are composed of organic residues from agro-industrial processes, post-consumer recycled waste and cellulose coming from sustainably managed non-virgin forests.


For the external covers I chose material that is excellent from an aesthetic, technical and environmental point of view. A material accredited as an ecological and vegan-friendly alternative to leather, 100% cruelty-free and animal-free, certified according to the most rigorous standards for the environmental sustainability of the product and the production process, the absence of harmful substances and compliance with ethical working conditions.

A material with which I fell in love seeing it in the collections of famous brands such as Timberland or Ralph Lauren … and being able to conquer it was a huge satisfaction!

The colors, the high weight and the texture of the covers have allowed me to make my illustrations stand out while keeping the vintage imprint that I love, which reminds me of the old academic books on which I studied the fundamentals of geology and palentology. I design the inner pages in order to in order to ensure you freedom of use. For this reason, in each set, two notebooks have smooth pages where only the peculiarities of the composition of the paper enrich them, and one notebook has dotted pages for bullet journaling.

The collections share the graphics that show the definition of the word from which they take their name and for these writings I used the font that I handcrafted for the whole brand (the one you are reading). Instead, the other illustrations differ according to the collection.
For the “GEOLOGY” line I illustrated in a minimalist and modern style that combines geometric and artistic elements, the process of mountain formation, the “Orogenesis” (from Greek ὄρος = mountain e γένεσις = origin) and a wind rose compass that you will also find in the passport holders (here and here).
For the “FOSSIL” line I was inspired by two Index Fossils, that are fossils thanks to which we can precisely date the rocks and reconstruct the history of the planet. In this case I drew an Ammonite represented together with the golden rectangle because  the shape of  the shell respects the golden proportion that is very frequent in nature, and is recognized as an ideal of beauty and harmony; and I drew a Trilobite with geometric elements that follow the bilateral symmetry and the tripartition typical of its body.
You will find these illustrations soon in other articles in the shop, and I will also dedicate a section of the blog to small focuses on the geological and scientific topics from which the illustrations are inspired.

You can find the collections here “GEOLOGY” – “FOSSIL

Enjoy the navigation, see you soon!

These fragments of natural elements, stone pieces, fossils, wood splinters, things martyred by the elements, picked up on along the edge of the sea, […] that express physical laws, wear, erosion, bang, not only have sculptural quality, but also an extraordinary poetic potential.

- Le Corbusier -

Suondtrack for the collection: Holocene by Bon Iver.

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