Notebook Science subj.2

Earth Conscious Notebook from the Science collection SUBJ.2 – dedicated to Charles Lyell
Design and handcrafted by Nesia eARTh – © all rights reserved –

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The Subj.2 from the SCIENCE collection is dedicated to Charles Lyell.
The cover is hand-sewn and made of a 100% biodegradable material that has high durability and resistance. It is cruelty free, sustainable, vegan-friendly and also pleasant to the touch with leatherette effect.
The hand-drawn illustration on the front cover is the statement of the theory of Uniformitarianism proved by Lyell.
The pages are plain and made of ecological paper from sustainably managed forests.
On the first page there's a label field for customization and a small focus on who Lyell was and why we should remember him.

The softness of the cover, the finishes, the sensation to the touch and the vintage look make it feel you have a notebook from another era in your hands, like that one where the brightest minds wrote down their notes and discoveries!


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Weight 91 g
Dimensions 21,3 × 0,5 × 14,8 cm
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