by 27 Jan 2020

Hello and welcome to nesiaearth.com!

Finally the Earth Conscious Design Studio has landed on the web!
It was a long journey that lasted a little longer than expected for many reasons … above all my stubborn will to personally take care of every detail since I care a lot about this project, it is a dream in the drawer which I wanted to be faithful as I imagined it … and therefore being used to roll up my sleeves and never stop learning and knowing, I decided to create the site independently.

I put the same stubbornness in every project and creation that I design and craft and I hope you can appreciate it through the attention paid to the details, the refinement of the materials chosen and the meaning of the concept behind everything.

You can find out more navigating the site and I’d like to let you know me through the things I design, create and choose.
Everything you will find on the site is the result of a careful work of ideation and design that begins with the draft of fonts, graphics, illustrations, design, materials, colour, finishes. Each detail is the result of a choice, research, tests and of my personal aesthetic taste, which is substantially minimalist and natural. Soon the draft becomes a finished project and I move on to concrete and manual implementation.

Here sustainable, ecological, vegan-friendly, cruelty free, ethical, biodegradable, recycled and recyclable materials come into play. They all come from certified recovery chains of secondary raw materials that operate concretely according to the principles of the circular economy. So, what was destined to become waste becomes a precious resource that gives life to first choice and high quality materials that I use to make my items and projects which in turn are sustainable and 100% recyclable.

Sustainability is a key word for me because we don’t have a planet B and, due to our busy life, we often forget how beautiful and fragile the only one available to us is.
So with this little pebble thrown on the world wide web I hope to help you notice it, slow down and maybe make you discover new things or just a new way of looking at the old ones!

I hope you will want to work and rock with me your visual identity, business and life to stand out from the crowd throught my personalized services aimed to brands, entrepreneurs, shops, clubs, events, musician and private clients. 
And don’t forget to discover my eARTh Collection full of handcrafted and sustainable cool items in limited editions.
Together with my trusted four-legged assistant, Rock, I will try to let you observe the world through the eye of a geologist, discover the beauty and power of lettering and help you make your journey unique!

because life is 
all the memories
we made along the way


Enjoy the navigation and stay tuned for news and insights!

Nesia & Rock

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