Artist and Designer

I’m a Geologist, Letterer , Designer ,
Crafter  and Casual Bassist.
I love my Dog, Chocolate and Shakespeare.
Favorite Color : Autumn.

About me, Nesia

As a geologist I’m fascinated by the Earth processes and the beauty of nature surrounding us with its powerful suggestion hiding its fragile balance.

As a designer I love minimalist and natural style that allows details to make the difference so as it happens in nature and everyday life.

As a lettering artist I’m obsessed with typography and the ability to convey sensations and moods through the shape of the letters.

As a human being I care for the planet and for those on it and I firmly believe that sustainability is the only way to guarantee a future for both of them.

So Nesia eARTh combines my passion for visual communication and my devotion to the Earth by mixing all this ingredients and giving life to a design studio and my own original Earth conscious collection of sustainable stationery, accessories and digital products.


Assistant Art Director

I’m Smart, Cute, Cool and Heartbreaker .
I love my Human, Cuddles and Cookies .
Favorite Color : Unconditional Love.